Cooking with Yan #2: Cold Spicy Peppers

I’m a big fan of cold side dishes, and one of my favourites are the cold spicy peppers that my Grandmother makes for our family reunions. After finally obtaining the recipe, I’m excited to break down what goes into these spicy boys.

Final product!

For this cold dish, we’ll need the following:


  1. Start off by cutting open the peppers and removing the seeds. Cut them into 2 inch long portions, and wash thoroughly. Be sure to use gloves when coming into contact with the peppers!

    Cutting the Peppers
  2. Now we’ll begin braising the peppers in oil. Heat up some vegetable oil in a frying pan and put the peppers in on medium heat. Close the lid on the pan but stir often.

    Braising in Oil
  3. Once the peppers begin goldening, now it’s time to add our seasoning. Add dark and light soy sauce in 1:1 proportion, and brown sugar to the mix until the peppers have an adequate sweet and sour aftertaste to them.

  4. Now continue braising until the peppers become soft and limp. The best way to determine when the pepper is ready by tasting it: it should be good when it no longer feels fibrous.

  5. Refridge until cold, and it’ll be good to serve for up to a week!